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Posting this for a friend - a huge collection of magazines, mostly from the 80's and 90's when magazines were popular, and the stories and pictures were great.

Please take a moment to read how this works before you jump in and look at the magazines.

This has been quickly thrown together and I didn't want to take the time to get into an elaborate shopping cart system with online payments. Therefore it works like this... Shop as you normally would on any e-commerce site. Put things into your cart, etc. When you go to check out it will ask you the usual questions, but will not ask for payment. Once you check out, the information is transmitted to me, and I will prepare and email you a PayPal invoice for your total. You pay that, I ship the same or next business day, and you're all set for some great one-handed reading.

Two important things. First, there are no shipping charges added during the check out process. These weigh all different amounts, and I was simply not going to weigh each and every one. I will add shipping charges by the least expensive way to your PayPal invoice. That is usually first class mail if the shipment is under one pound. Before you ask, no, I can't ship media mail. I would love to, but postal regulations forbid advertising and photographs unless "scholarly" in media mail, so all of the magazines cannot be mailed this way. One usually runs about $4.50. If your order is for a few, they can usually go priority mail flat rate envelope for $7.75. If you're ordering a lot, FedEx ground may be cheaper. I'll pick the best rate, and charge you only what I pay. I have even found that separating into more than one package can save money. I'll do what I can, including regional rate boxes, flat rate, envelopes, whatever saves you the bucks. You are under no obligation. If it is too high, just don't pay. I would appreciate a note, but after 48 hours I'll cancel the invoice and that's it. If you want a specific method, say so in your comments box at checkout and I'll follow your instructions. Please note that these are USA shipment prices. Rates outside the USA will be higher, but again, you are under no obligation once you get the price.

Please note that now many of the magazines don't have "add to cart" buttons. Those are sold already. We have had a lot of people add some great one handed reading to their library, and it got depleted. We are adding more now though, so you will see more and more items become available. You may find duplicates as well. That's because we have more than one of that issue. When I'm done adding all the new stuff I'll completely remove the sold ones, but for now I'm concentrating on getting new listings up. There is only one of each item shown here (if we have more than one it is listed as many times as we have it), please do not try to order the same item more than once, or increase the quantity in your cart, we don't have it. Do check back in 48 hours if you really want something that is sold. If a person doesn't pay their bill it goes back up in 48 hours.

Discounts? Yes!
Buy 5-9 and get 10% off.
Buy 10-17 and get 15% off
Buy 18-24 and get 20% off
Buy 25 or more and get 25% off!
I'll adjust your PayPal invoice, the cart will not show the discount.

I have broken this down in sections, which are pretty obvious.

Thanks - enjoy your visit!

Assorted Titles

Includes Bound and Gagged
special editions

Drummer Magazine
All sold out

Rubber Rebel Magazine
All sold out

Dungeon Master Magazine
All sold out

Manifest Reader Magazine
All sold out

Powerplay Magazine
all sold out

Tough Customers
by Drummer

In Uniform

all sold out

The Leather

by Drummer

Mach (revisited)
by Bush Creek Media
All sold out


all sold out

Bound and Gagged

This category only has standard
issues. Look in "Assorted" for
special editions.

All sold out